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How Are Essential Nutrients Discovered?

First: What is An Essential Nutrient?

A nutrient is termed "essential" in nutrition when it must be consumed daily for structure and function. It is not produced internally by the body. As such, we must know where it is found in the food chain, and how to incorporate in into our daily diet.

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What are Primal Foods?

Primal foods that contain most or all eight essential saccharides include rice bran, barley bran, oat bran, mushrooms, yeast cell walls, aloe vera and gum sugars. Most of these sugars are not sweet but bitter and thus have a low glycemic index. Other glyconutrient rich primal foods include garlic, o…

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Small Changes Mean Eating More Often

Try making small dietary changes, introducing more fruits and vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Cutting up crunchy bright coloured fruits and vegetables for snacks helps you get the fiber, water and antioxidants to need to stay radiant and energetic.

Eat more regularly throughout th…

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What Is a Therapeutic Diet?

It is necessary in our society, in identifying destructive patterns in dieters, to be able to identify what is a therapeutic diet and what is a fad diet.

A therapeutic diet is a special diet that has been prescribed by a health professional such as a doctor, naturopath, dietitian, or nutritionist…

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Healing Obesity With Whole Foods

The analogy of mental health is like a puzzle which needs to be put together, whereupon sometimes pieces are missing and we cannot always see the big picture. 

I was working at the food bank in 2006, Union Gospel Mission, and was teaching a course for the clients on eating by the rainbow. It was c…

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Healing Eating Disorders

The care of a fragile patient such as a young man or woman with an eating disorder is a tenuous journey back to health that needs to be addressed finally with a nutrition program that is non-numerical. This daunting task until now has baffled many caretakers, counselors and doctors as to how to proc…

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Healing Depression With Whole Foods

Holistic nutrition teaches you what to do to prevent depression and disease from happening to you. It incorporates information about whole foods and makes it easy to understand. It teaches you how to cook so you save money, eat healthy and lose weight while accomplishing your goals.

When we shop …

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