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Healing Depression With Whole Foods

Holistic nutrition teaches you what to do to prevent depression and disease from happening to you. It incorporates information about whole foods and makes it easy to understand. It teaches you how to cook so you save money, eat healthy and lose weight while accomplishing your goals.

When we shop in the grocery store we have many choices. When we make intelligent choices we save money, feel better, and have smart kids. Buying foods that are high in sugar and food colourings is not in our best interest; we can use The Rainbow Program and switch them for brightly coloured fruits and vegetables instead.

Brightly coloured foods appeal to the mind, and we need the colour wavelengths from coloured food to be balanced. We actually need to eat red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple foods every day, not forgetting brown, black white, clear and pink. These different colours stimulate different organs and hormones and provide different biochemicals that our bodies need to run properly and protect us from metabolic depression.

Whole Foods

When we eat natural food: food grown in mineralized soil, and eat it in its natural state, we grow big and strong. Whole foods are foods that are eaten the way we find them in nature, without added processing. They contain the fewest chemicals and are all different shapes and all different colours.

Whole foods supply the vitamins and minerals we need each day. When we eat them it is more work for our body, so our metabolism goes up. This helps us to digest other foods, such as animal products. This also helps us burn fat and lose weight, so we don’t become overweight. It is very difficult to become overweight on a diet of whole foods, first, because they are high in water, and second, because they take up more room, leaving less room for unhealthy foods such as pop and chips.

Cooking Whole Foods

Whole foods have to soaked, peeled, or cut before eating, so they take some preparation. Soup is an ideal way to consume vegetables, beans and lentils and rice, and it will last if you freeze it.

Using a pressure cooker or a slow cooker is also a good way to prepare whole foods. Vegetables may be put in a frying pan with some olive oil and saute-sealed, as well as chicken breast or ground turkey and herbs and spices. Herbs may be selected raw or dried. Dried herbs are available in the bulk foods section. Spices may be ground in a coffee grinder.

When we use herbs for cooking or in tea we increase the mineral content of our foods. They taste better and are more nutritious. Ginger and garlic are both pungent, particularly warming in winter months, and can be added to saute-sealed vegetables and soup.

The Rainbow Program to Mediate Against Depression

Well designed for the school system, to prevent eating disorders and behavioral/cognitive problems, this program encourages children to select one food each day from every color group. The Rainbow Program was created to help with the maintenance of weight throughout the life cycle without dieting. It also assists in the prevention of eating disorders and depression, hormone imbalance, and behavioral disorders using colour wavelengths.

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