Returning to the Roots of Natural Healing

The Healing Essence of Sea Vegetables


Sea Vegetables

Mineral rich sea vegetables have been an important source of nourishment for many cultures both in North America and in Asia for centuries. Harvesting kelp, and other forms of sea vegetation to dry and sell, has nourished people with the high content of minerals. We need a daily source of the sea-rich nutrients to support brain health, and the health of the thyroid gland. The mineral present in these foods that people are looking for in a source other than fortified table salt is iodine.

Sea vegetables are an alkalizing food, high in magnesium, as you can tell by their green colour. The colour green in nature indicated the presence of chlorophyll. It also indicates it is high in antioxidants. The heart of the chlorophyll molecule is magnesium, just like the heart of the heme molecule is iron (contained in the blood). 

Having an alkaline pH in the morning indicates you are not too acidic. A simple test of  your bodily fluids (such as saliva pH) will indicate if you are neutral, ie pH 7, and therefore not pulling calcium out of your bones. Calcium in the bones acts as a buffer for your blood, to keep it at a constant pH. The alkaline action of sea vegetables helps the body release toxins which are acidic, and attracts heavy metals to excrete as well. This is why it is important to get your sea vegetables from a reputable source, as they will attract heavy metals in the ocean also. Don't just scavenge your local seashore for this prized delicacy.

Add kombu to soups, making a broth with boiling water, then strain out before you make the soup. This infuses the broth with minerals. Sea vegetables of all kinds are becoming more popular, as they have been in Japan for centuries, and among Indigenous peoples. They are sought after for fine cuisine, and used in everything from sushi to nori rolls, to salty wasabi-flavoured snacks, to wakame in salads. These are a saline addition to a healthy and balanced food plan.

Try This Daily For Immunity

This is a great time to learn what boosts your immune system.

Avoiding bacteria and viruses are one thing, but you need to have your immune system running at full capacity.

Some examples:

Sugar will cause yeast to proliferate in both the intestinal tract and the blood, lowering immune function.

Junk food causes debris to the metabolic system that lowers immune function.

Eating healthy, with lots of Vitamin C rich foods is great.

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables in all colours is also good. Eat fresh produce and salads during the summer months, and cooked produce in soups and casseroles during the winter months.

Eat some sea vegetables every day when your immunity is compromised. These dried sea-harvested snacks, such as Wasabi-flavoured and the blander Nori taste delicate and contain the bitter sugars to boost and re-charge your immune system. Sea vegetable-containing fucose is where it's at!