Returning to the Roots of Natural Healing



A new medicine to heal the First Nations People and our global community has been in part, the effort to return to the roots of natural healing through The Rainbow Program. Offered in workshops and seminars, this course has expanded nutrition in natural medicine with its far-reaching healing potential.


Created by Emily Isaacson, The Rainbow Program has been used in schools, food banks, community centres, and clinics, in nutrition education of First Nations, homeless people, teenagers, and children. Ideal for the prevention of eating disorders, it is non-numerical nutrition based on the discovery of the essential saccharide.


The Rainbow Program categorizes naturally coloured food by colour groups and corresponds each colour to an organ of the body.


Emily Isaacson writes:

In the science of nutrition, there are many facets to both existence and health. In every nutrition argument or debate there is a facet of truth--a hypothesis, and a conclusion that warrants further research. Environmentalism is one area that has drawn a lot of popularity in recent years. Recycling and buying green are all added to by our knowledge of the earth and its natural cycles. Agriculture is the wisdom of nutrition knowledge applied to the earth. I think of nutrition, in its essence, as both biochemistry and botany. Until now, perhaps we have shied away from the concept that food has healing properties and can go beyond nourishment to medicine.


We have heard before that food can be your medicine. We have even applied the healing properties of foods and diets to a great many diseases with some success. Yet nutritionists were missing as piece of the puzzle so to speak. Now, we have the three legged stool of nutrition, explained as the nutrition that can help anyone and will help everyone: essential proteins, essential fats, and essential carbohydrates. There was no exact right or wrong answer until now. Yet, with this cutting edge research on the saccharide, we now have an answer. We have a nutritional science, and we have a healing modality that encompasses food in a way that it has never before.


In every dimension of health there is a facet that has until now proved missing: the missing link is the saccharide and its role in immune function. This small molecule affects every area of nutrition, from digestion, absorption, utilization, elimination and even moreso affects communication between molecules, people, and people groups. This commentary on human nutrition will only begin to explore the small amount of research in the area of the sugar molecules necessary for health. In fact, until now sugar was almost deemed a deadly poison and avoided in all its forms by the most rigid of health-food enthusiasts. 

Thought to provoke hypoglycemia, diabetes, obesity, ADHD and even mental illness, sugar has been regarded as the culprit in many diseases and health concerns. Yet the very molecule that kills can also heal, and I would give as an example that the essential saccharide itself is necessary to prevent and cure these very diseases.


Research on the eight essential sugars is still in the pioneering stages, but these sugars are bitter and are found in primal foods. These must be consumed on a daily basis for the immune system to correctly identify other cells.  

These sugars are non-numerical because they are not included in the Food Tables for dietitians and nutritionists. As such, they are the basis for The Rainbow Program, non-numerical nutrition.

You may find that this subject is more theory than practice among many health practitioners until the numerical info is in their hands in a calculated form. I bring you the science and experience of this critical information, right to your dinner table. The value is in choosing food that heals and food as medicine.

Emily Isaacson


This is the basis for the RP diagnostic system, an alternative to Western Medicine traditional diagnostics. The essential saccharide is the essence of intercellular communication, and as such is paramount in the prevention of auto-immune disease. 

These essential sugars are found in fibers of foods you might not eat every day...  for more information visit The Rainbow Program, which is now the colour-based nutrition program for Holistic Vision International.


Essential saccharides are contained in various fibers according to our research at the University of Washington: beans, guar & carageenan gums, oat bran, rice bran, seaweed, breast milk, psyllium (metamucil), glucosamine supplements, and aloe vera.